About us

Studying in a foreign country can be a big adventure. It brings a lot of new challenges and it is a great opportunity to taste an independent life. Plenty new places, stories and friendships are just around the corner waiting for you. We know exactly what you might needand we want to make your new beginning as easy and pleasant as possible.

Don’t be afraid. We are here to help you with everything! Here is the meeting point for students coming from all around the world. Finding out the differences will be as much as fun to realize how similar we all are. Learn more about other cultures, exchange your experiences. Here, at the heart of Europe you will write your own history!

In our modern accommodations you will enjoy the quiet and peaceful neighborhoods, a hot sauna after a cold day, maybe even a barbeque party in the garden in a warm spring evening. But most importantly you will find it so easy to study in our well-equipped study zones. After all your success is our primary concern.

With great public transport reaching anywhere throughout Warsaw you will be close to your University and to the City Center.

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